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How to Purchase the Right Diesel Generator for Your Needs

Purchasing a diesel generator for your facility is a substantial investment which requires careful consideration.

The right generator can provide reliable backup power during outages and help you avoid costly downtime. This comprehensive guide will walk you through the key factors to watch for when selecting the ideal diesel generator for your needs.

Diesel generators in a nutshell

Diesel generators use a diesel engine and an electric generator to produce electricity. The diesel engine turns the generator, which converts the mechanical energy into electrical energy. This electricity is used to power equipment and appliances when utility power is unavailable. Diesel generators provide reliable backup electricity for homes, businesses, hospitals, data centers, and more during power outages. The crucial parts of a diesel generator include the engine, alternator, cooling system, exhaust, control panel, fuel tank, battery and starter motor.

Now, let us look at the six prime factors that can help you choose the right generator for your application needs.


When determining the size of the diesel generator, it is crucial to select a unit with adequate power output to match the electricity demand of your facility during outages. Undersized generators can cause power interruptions if overloaded, while oversized units waste money and take up excess space. Also, you need to consider potential future expansion and increased electricity needs. If you frequently move your generator between locations, look for a compact portable model design for easy transportation.


When it comes to power, the generator's voltage and output capacity must align with the needs of your applications. Make sure to get adequate power capacity for all your equipment. Remember, an incorrect voltage damages equipment.

Fuel Efficiency

When evaluating fuel efficiency, remember that diesel generators are inherently fuel-efficient. However, models with higher fuel efficiency ratings can save substantially on fuel costs long-term. Also, efficient operations reduce the environmental impact of the generator through lower emissions.

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Emissions and Noise

It's crucial to select a generator certified to meet emissions standards and any other relevant regulations. These can avoid any fines or issues with local ordinances. Make sure the generator meets all required noise regulations for your area.

Enclosure Type

The generator's enclosure is critical for noise reduction and weather protection. Environments like hospitals need enclosures that provide maximum noise reduction. If the generator is left unprotected with outdoor elements, sturdy weatherproof metal enclosures are necessary to protect the unit from damage. Consider noise regulations and location when selecting an appropriate enclosure.

Brand Reputation

When you are in the market for a high-end diesel generator, make sure you go with an established, reputable generator brand known for reliability, durability and performance. Well-known brands offer exceptional quality generators that save money over time through reduced maintenance costs.

Final Words

If you keep these six key considerations in mind, you'll be prepared to select the perfect diesel generator for backup power. 

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