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The Importance of Having a Generator on Your Site During Emergencies

As a business owner, being prepared for emergencies is very crucial especially when it comes to power outages. 

Interruptions to your daily business operations can negatively impact your bottom line. But having a backup emergency power plan can help you mitigate many of these risks.

Because of extreme weather events or emergencies, power outages are becoming more common. That is why it's essential to prioritize emergency power planning and implement a backup energy plan that is fast and cost-effective.

Here are the three primary threats businesses face during power outages that show why they should invest in a high-end reliable generator.

Financial Interruptions - When the power goes out, your facility faces a tremendous challenge. Production stops, manufacturing ceases, and customers can't receive your services. Without a steady power supply, your staff can’t operate their equipment. 

Even when your income stops, your expenses continue. And not to forget, you may need to spend extra bucks for emergency services, such as renting a portable power generator.

Risk of Injury - In many cases, power outages due to emergencies such as hurricanes or other disasters can increase the risk of workplace injury. In cases where you're running a warehouse, the sudden loss of power can create visual safety hazards. And, for outdoor environments, power outages caused by storms or other weather-related disasters may bring immediate risks to worker safety.

It's crucial to have well-planned and communicated emergency procedures for your staff. 


Your workplace should have protocols in place to follow until power is restored.


Equipment Damage - Power outages can damage vital equipment such as computers and other electronics. When the power suddenly goes out and comes back on, it can cause a vast voltage spike. This spike in voltage is like an electric surge that overloads and damages sensitive circuit boards and computer hard drives.

Your equipment is designed to run at specific voltage levels. But when the power blinks off and on again rapidly, it creates a temporary overvoltage situation. That’s why it is worthwhile to invest in a diesel generator or natural gas generator that gives you coverage during emergencies.


Understand different generator fuel options before picking one for your business 


Diesel - Diesel is a common fuel type that is suitable for both standby and Prime Power  generators. Diesel generators are an excellent choice for emergency backup power due to their powerful output capabilities. They can handle large loads. And maintaining diesel fuel storage on-site is also convenient. While diesel requires dedicated fuel tanks, it has a longer shelf life and is readily available. Diesel generators are also versatile for deployment, whether you choose a portable or permanently installed. For the power provided, they offer very cost-effective operation.

Natural Gas - Natural gas is a clean-burning, affordable fuel source. Natural gas backup generators hook right into the gas line already connected to your property from the utility company. It makes a convenient choice for emergencies because you don't need to worry about storage concerns and ongoing refuelling. 

Gasoline - Gasoline is not a common fuel source for commercial generators because it doesn't supply enough power. It's more suitable for a residential-size generator.

Propane - Propane is a long-lasting fuel when it comes to shelf life. But it burns so quickly. Propane can be a deal breaker for many businesses because the costs can outweigh the benefits. 

Most of the commercial backup generators are fueled by diesel or natural gas. 


Bottom Line


If you want to ensure your business is prepared and well-protected during emergencies, you should invest in a high-performing, reliable generator.

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