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110 kW Diesel Generator (Perkins Engine) (208/120V Three Phase 60Hz) (EPA/CARB Tier 4F)
110 kW Diesel Generator (Perkins Engine) (208/120V Three Phase 60Hz) (EPA/CARB Tier 4F)
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, 110 kW Diesel Generator (Perkins Engine) (208/120V Three Phase 60Hz) (EPA/CARB Tier 4F)
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, 110 kW Diesel Generator (Perkins Engine) (208/120V Three Phase 60Hz) (EPA/CARB Tier 4F)

110 kW Diesel Generator (Perkins Engine) (208/120V Three Phase 60Hz) (EPA/CARB Tier 4F)

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12 - 16 Week Lead Time

1-year/1000 hours Warranty with Free parts and service guidance!

Master industrial generator sets are fully integrated power generation systems that provide optimum performance, dependability, and versatility for standby power, prime power and continuous power applications. 

Powered by Perkins Engine, Stamford Alternator, and Deepsea Control Panel

Included Features 

  • Technologically advanced Remote Wifi Controller 
  • Next-Generation Brushless Stamford CSA Approved Alternator 
  • Inbuilt Webasto Style Coolant Heater to prevent cold starts and increase the engine's longevity 
  • Silent Soundproof Weather Protection Canopy/Enclosure 
  • Standard 8 Hour Dual Wall Base Fuel Tank 
  • Electronic Speed Governor

    Prime power 

    This rating is for continuous electrical power supply (at variable load). There is no limit on the annual hours of operation, and 10% overload power can be supplied for 1 hour in 12. 

    Standby power 

    This rating is for the supply of continuous electrical power (at variable load) in the event of a utility power failure. No overload is permitted.


    • Every generator set is subjected to a comprehensive test program which includes 50% load, 75% load, 100% load, 110% load and the checking and proving of all control and safety shut-down functions
    • 24V DC start motor
    • Equipped 24V high-performance maintenance-free lead-acid starting batteries
    • Equipped with industrial silencer and flexible exhaust hose
    • Designed to Comply with ISO8528/GB2820, NEC, CEC 

     Perkins Engine Technical Data





    Number of Cylinders 

    4 Cylinders, Vertical Inline


    4 Stroke 


    Turbocharged air-to-air charge cooled

    Bore x Stroke (mm x mm) 

    105 x 127 


    4.4 L 

    Compression Ratio 


    Prime Power/Speed 

    117 kW/1800rpm 

    Standby Power/Speed 

    129 kW/1800rpm 

    Speed Governor 


    Cooling System 

    Forced Liquid Cooling Cycle 

    Steady Speed Drop 


    Total Lubrication System Capacity 

    8.4 L 

    Fuel Consumption at 100% Load 

    203 g/kWh

    Starter Motor 




    Stamford Alternator Technical Data 

    Alternator Model 

    UCI274C CSA Approved 


    110 kW 



    Exciter Type 

    Single Bearing, Brushless, Self-excited 

    Power Factor 


    Voltage Adjust Range 


    Voltage Regulation NL-FL 


    Insulation Grade 

    Protection Grade 




    Deepsea Control Panel Technical Data 


    The control module gives digital readouts of (Including but not limited to):
    • Generator voltage
    • Output frequency
    • Engine speed
    • Battery voltage
    • Engine hours run

    The control module has indicators for the following failure information (Including but not limited to): 
    • Overspeed/underspeed
    • Emergency stop
    • Low oil pressure
    • High water temperature
    • Failure to start 
    • Battery charger failure

    Automatic shutdown occurs under (Including but not limited to):
    • Low engine oil pressure
    • High engine water temperature
    • Overspeed/underspeed
    • Failure to start after three attempts

    Options/Add-Ons Available 

    For more details, call or text: +1 (647) 363-5872