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Your Ultimate Guide to Refrigerated Air Dryer- An Overview

Refrigerated air dryers are a revolutionary technology for removing moisture from compressed air. Refrigerated Air Dryers are also known as refrigerant dryers, refrigeration air dryers, freeze air dryers, etc. Air dryers play a crucial role in the maintenance of an air compressor. So, when operating an industrial or medical air compressor, you must have extensive knowledge about air dryers and how they work. To better understand refrigerated air dryers, continue reading this blog.

Introducing Refrigerated Air Dryer Technology

A refrigerated air dryer eliminates the atmospheric air that constantly enters a compressed system, and keeps the compressor away from moisture. Atmospheric air is a mixture of gaseous contaminants and moisture or water vapours. The amount of water vapour in your area may not be the same, as it depends on the temperature. 

Refrigerating air dryer technology helps manage the humidity of the air. Moisture can damage an air compressor in various ways. It is possible to keep away the unnecessary costs associated with compressed air system failure, compressed air production downtime and repair, etc. When placing an air dryer, make sure that the location you select is correct, as it will significantly affect the air dryer's performance.

Refrigerated air dryers are a common type of compressed air dryer available on the market. They are an ideal solution for most manufacturing, medical and service applications where dry air without any perceptible moisture is on demand. The evolution of refrigerated air dryers has made the process of condensing air and eliminating moisture easier and faster.

Refrigerating air dryers cool the air to low temperatures and condense the water vapour. It takes advantage of temperature differences to eliminate the water particles from the system and protect the air compressor from potential damage. These dryers can cool down the air within the air compressor to approximately 3°C or 35°F (dew point). During that time, the moisture in the air condenses and is drained out of the system. When the process is done, the cooled compressed air is reheated to room temperature and exits the dryer when it is ready to be used.

Subtypes of refrigerated dryers:

Non-cycling refrigerant air dryers can refrigerate continuously while maintaining a consistent temperature to condense the air. This type of air dryer is highly efficient, reliable and easy to maintain. The only downside is that you have to leave it running even when your business is closed, and you don’t need compressed air.

Refrigerated Air Dryers

Cycling refrigerant air dryers can be shut off until the desired temperature is reached. These air dryers can automatically turn on and off as needed and save power and money. So, it can be said that cycling refrigerated air dryers are a more environmentally friendly option for businesses. Yet, this dryer may need higher maintenance than the other types due to extra parts.

Key Points to Learn Before Considering Refrigerant Air Dryers 

  • Cost-effective in initial purchase 
  • High cost of maintenance 
  • Environmentally friendly and can be combined with an Energy Box to save even more energy
  • Highly dependable and consistent

Top Providers of Refrigerated Air Dryers

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Final Words

If you are looking for a suitable air dryer for your air compressor, MasterAire is your ultimate destination. We strive to enhance quality through sustainable industrial and business development and ensure the success of every project. To learn more about our refrigerated air dryers, call our experts and browse our website. Feel free to reach out to us for any queries.