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Which are the Best Propane Generators To Choose from?

When investing in a new generator, choosing a suitable fuel type will be the most significant consideration. There are a handful of options for fuel types. While many people have heard of diesel or gas generators, propane generators are often overlooked. Propane generators can be a good option for your business. However, you must understand the types of propane generators, the advantages of propane generators, and the top propane generator models to choose from.

Propane generators come in a few different options-

  • Portable propane generator
  • Manual or automatic generators

Portable propane generators are lightweight and have trim options with handles and built-in wheels to shift them from one place to another. They are easy to install and use.

When it comes to a manual propane generator, it indicates one needs to operate it manually. But with an automatic generator, you can turn on the generator automatically once the power goes out.

Benefits of using Propane Generators

Readily available- Propane generators are reliable. You need an onsite storage tank and access to a road for delivery. You can relax knowing that you will not run out of fuel.

Limitless lifespan- Propane doesn’t come with an expiration date, and Propane also doesn’t degrade over time. It does not require any additional stabilizers. You can rest assured that your generator will be ready whenever you need it.

Propane is cleaner burning- Propane, a clean-burning fuel, reduces emissions, meaning it is better for the environment and local air quality.

Easy Maintenance- Propane generators require less maintenance. It is more reliable and offers a longer-lasting performance. 

Now, Take a Look at Some of the Best Propane Generator Models

Propane Generators

10 kW Natural Gas/Propane Generator (120/240V Single Phase 60Hz)- (Model number is MG10REG)


  • This generator runs on both natural gas and propane (LPG).
  • It has an engine/alternator (rpm) of 3000.
  • It features electric start, auto/manual/shutdown, rotary oil filter, over-frequency protection & low-frequency protection, along with alternator voltage detection etc. 
  • It has 1.4 L of oil capacity.
  • Its gross weight is 255 kg.

Is any warranty available? Yes, you will get a 1-year/1000 hours warranty.

15 kW Natural Gas/Propane Generator (120/240V Single Phase 60Hz)(Model number- MG15RSE-EB)


  • This generator runs on Propane and natural gas (Dual Fuel).
  • It has a capacity of 15 kW rated power for LPG and 14 kW for NG.
  • Its engines feature an electric start, rotary oil filter & low oil pressure shutdown. 
  • It has an overall oil capacity of 3.5 L.
  • It has a controller with auto/manual/shutdown, over-frequency protection, alternator voltage detection, low oil protection, and low-frequency protection.  
  • Its gross weight is 350 kg.

This generator comes with a 1-year/1000 hours warranty.

20 kW Natural Gas/Propane Generator (120/208V Three Phase 60Hz)(Model- MG20RSE-EB with Automatic Transfer Switch)


  • It runs both on natural gas and propane.
  • It has 18kW of rated power for Natural Gas and 20kW for LPG.
  • This generator has a technologically advanced remote Wifi controller. This control has several features, such as auto/manual/shutdown, mains voltage detection, alternator voltage detection, low oil protection, over-frequency protection and low-frequency protection.
  • This generator has a 3.5 L of oil capacity.
  • Its gross weight is 370 kg.

And this propane generator comes under a 1-year/1000 hours warranty.

Final Words

You can contact us if you want to pick any of these propane generators for your business. If you need help understanding which propane generator will suit your industry, our experts can help! Schedule a call now!

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