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What Is an Air Fed Welding Helmet and Reasons to Upgrade to It?

Airborne welding fumes can be nasty. To keep welders protected, investing in respirators and air-fed helmets is critical. In this post, we will discuss air-fed welding helmets and shed light on the reasons that make upgrading to air-fed welding helmets essential. 

What Are Air Fed and Powered Air Purifying Respirators?

Air-fed welding helmets are the ultimate solution for delivering fresh, filtered air to welders and protecting them from harmful gases and fumes. They bear a close resemblance to traditional welding helmets but are essentially equipped with a built-in respirator. This Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is often referred to as PAPR (Powered Air Purifying Respirator) welding helmets. This kind of PPE has two essential components - one is the helmet itself and the second one is the filtration unit which the user is supposed to wear on their back. 

The blower captures atmospheric air and passes it through consumable filters. Therefore, clean air reaches the top of the helmet through a flexible tube and provides fresh air to the user's face. This is how respirators and airfed helmets ensure that users don't get exposed to fumes, dust, and harmful particulates while welding without feeling any suffocation. Please note that this type of helmet is not only restricted to industries. Individuals carrying out different welding jobs at home may also consider purchasing this PPE. 

Why Should You Upgrade to Air Fed Welding Helmet?

Studies show that welding fumes can be carcinogenic to humans. Therefore, wearing a welding helmet becomes essential while performing the job. Besides, this PPE can also offer protection against respiratory impediments and make the job cool and comfortable. So, using a welding helmet during welding is inevitable. If you don't want to invest in respirators and airfed helmets in the first place, you will, at minimum, require disposable masks or respirators that can fit easily under a basic welding helmet. This solution may sound cost-efficient, but only when the uses are limited. In the long run, a PAPR air-fed helmet's operational cost will be cheaper than its alternative. 

Respirators and Airfed Helmets

Using an air-fed hood is comparatively relaxing and less claustrophobic, especially when you have to weld in a hot climate. You may also have to comprise a seal to your face while working with a tight-fitting rubber mask. This couldn't be truer if you have beards or stubble. However, investing in air-fed masks helps to overcome this issue as they do not count on an airtight seal to operate. 

The Best Helmet & Breathing Air Filter – A Comprehensive Solution That You Can Rely On

A combination of a premium sandblasting helmet and breathing air filter is considered a comprehensive solution you can use while welding. This complete PPE system can also be used while painting, foam insulation, sandblasting, and employing polyurea spray applications. You can buy this solution from MasterAire's online store. Our package includes:

  1. One respirator breathing helmet
  2. One breathing tube
  3. One air filter featuring activated carbon technology
  4. One solid lens
  5. One thermoresistor temperature controller to ensure the operator's ease of working

Contact us now to learn more about this complete protective system. Let us help to make welding a comfortable and safe job for your team.