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Understanding the Types of Refrigerated Air Dryers- How to Select the Right Air Dryers for Your Needs?

Air dryers play a pivotal role in industrial applications. And no one can deny the significance of an air dryer in the air treatment system. Do you know how many air dryers are available in the market? Have you considered the type of air dryer you need for your industrial applications? If you are unsure and need guidance to select the right air dryer for your needs, you must understand the different types of air dryers available in the market and the importance of each type. But before we take our conversation to that, let's have a look at the role of air dryers in industrial applications.

Air Compressor and Air Dryer

Significance of Air Dryers in Compressed Air Production

An air dryer is an essential component in compressed air systems as they help maintain equipment integrity. Moist air can cause corrosion that can damage your pneumatic tools and equipment. Also, it can reduce the lifespan of valves and other components by causing wear and tear. Blemishes in paint finish and manufacturing products are another major damage that can occur due to moist air.

Moist air and other contaminants can also make your equipment a potential breeding ground for food-borne pathogens like bacterial growth and viruses. So, air dryers are not an option but a requisite in today’s fast-growing industries to maintain process efficiency and save you from costly damages and unplanned downtime.

Air dryers not only ensure that the air used in the processes is free from water vapour and contaminants for excellent product quality but also prevent the chances of malfunctions, breakdowns and production losses. Moreover, air dryers extend the lifespan of pipes, valves, and other components, resulting in cost savings over time.

Types of Air Dryers- An Overview to Make the Selection of the Right One for Your Needs

Cycling Refrigerated Air Dryer: Cycling refrigerated air dryers are known as demand-based or load-responsive air dryers.  These air dryers are designed to adjust their cooling capacity depending on the demand for dry air. This type of air dryer cycles the refrigeration on and off as required to conserve energy and mitigate the chance of unnecessary or excessive refrigeration when not being used repeatedly. When the demand for clean, dry air is low, the refrigeration system keeps its cooling capacity lower than usual to ensure energy savings. The upfront costs of cycling air dryers can be significantly higher compared to non-cycling dryers. Still, considering its energy efficiency and stable dew point in various applications with ever-changing air demands, it is an exceptional choice.

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Non-Cycling Refrigerated Air Dryer: Non-cycling refrigerated air dryers are also called constant-speed or fixed-speed air dryers. This type of air dryer is designed to maintain a continuous operation of the refrigeration system, whether the air demand is high or low. With a simple design, it allows the compressor in the refrigeration system to run constantly and keeps the cooling capacity constant by staying on continuously. So, they require the same amount of energy even when the demand for dry air is low. Even though these dryers have lower upfront costs, they cannot be a preferred option in applications with fluctuating air demand because of their lower energy efficiency.

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