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Top 3 Perkins Diesel Generators for Your Business

A diesel generator uses a diesel engine and an electric generator to produce energy. They are a great power supply source in case of sudden power outages and for places with no connection to the power grid. In the market, you can find different types of diesel generators. Choosing the right manufacturer is crucial. When it comes to quality and performance, nothing can beat Perkins diesel generators.

Perkins has been providing heavy-duty diesel generators for many decades.

Let’s Take a Quick Look at the Overall Advantages of Perkins Diesel Generators

  • Perkins generators are highly regarded for low operating costs and outstanding performance. 
  • Perkins diesel motors sustain longer. 
  • The Perkins generator's body is made of powder-coated, high-quality steel that prevents erosion, corrosion and scratches.
  • Perkins generators run economically and efficiently. These generators are used in both residential and commercial establishments. 
  • The working mechanism of Perkins generators is quite simple, and these generators are easy to maintain. If you properly take care of this generator, it may last up to many years.

Perkins diesel generators

Let’s explore the top 3 Perkins diesel generators available for sale

15 kW Perkins Diesel Generator

  • These generator sets are fully integrated power generation systems with a silent/weatherproof canopy. There is no limit on the annual power operation.
  • This 15 kW Perkins diesel generator is equipped with 24V high-performance maintenance-free lead-acid starting batteries, an industrial silencer and a flexible exhaust hose.
  • This model is designed to comply with ISO8528/GB2820.
  • Powered by a top-tier engine, alternator, and control panel.
  • It has 8 hours base fuel tank. 
  • It has a capacity of 12 kW of prime power and 15 kW of standby power.
  • This generator comes with a 1-year/1000 hours warranty with free parts.

20 kW Prime Power Perkins Diesel Generator

  • This 20 kW prime power Perkins diesel generator has a technologically advanced remote GSM controller
  • This model has a silent soundproof weather protection canopy/enclosure
  • It has a base fuel tank.
  • It has Next-Generation Brushless Stamford CSA Approved Alternator
  • This is equipped with a 12V DC start motor.
  • This model is designed to comply with ISO8528/GB2820
  • It comes with a 1-year/1000 hours warranty

30 kW Perkins Diesel Generator

  • This  30 kW Perkins diesel generator has a 24V DC start motor.
  • This model is equipped with an industrial silencer and flexible exhaust hose.
  • This diesel generator is designed to comply with ISO8528/GB2820.
  • Moreover, this heavy-duty diesel generator is powered by a top-tier engine, alternator, and control panel.
  • It comes with an 8 hours base fuel tank.
  • This generator has a high-quality inbuilt webasto-style oil/coolant diesel heating kit that provides a complete heating solution. It delivers fuel savings while improving the durability of your equipment.
  • You will get a 1-year/1000 hours Warranty on this product.

Where to buy these heavy-duty Perkins diesel generators?

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