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Natural Gas Vs Diesel Generator: Which One Will Suit Your Business Operations?

We've seen an increase in power outages due to an ageing power grid and extreme weather occurrences during the last few decades. Many industries may be forced to halt working if there is a power outage.

We can use power generators as an alternative since we have no control over the power disruptions. A diesel generator or a natural gas generator are both options. Each of these generators has its own set of benefits and disadvantages. Before investing in any of them, make sure you understand each generator's advantages and disadvantages and choose the one that best fits your business needs. 

Natural gas generator- A natural gas generator is widely used all across the globe to generate power for a variety of industrial purposes efficiently. Natural gas can power emergency and portable generators, as you may know. Since coal is the most economical fuel, industries that want to maintain fuel costs within a budget generally rely on natural gas generators. However, no one can deny that coal is a very polluting fuel.

Pros of natural gas generators

  • Compared to diesel generators, natural gas generators make less noise and have a less pungent odour.
  • Natural gas is less expensive per gallon than diesel generators. The price of natural gas is measured in cubic feet. Although energy prices fluctuate, natural gas is not tied to oil output and demand like diesel. Propane gas is available in both liquid and gallon form.
  • The natural gas generator has fewer negative environmental effects because it uses the cleanest fossil fuels.
  • Natural gas is always available on the market, implying that fuel storage will be redundant. Since natural gas is delivered directly from a pipeline to the generator, it is more convenient to use than diesel.

Cons of natural gas generators

  • Natural gas generators need frequent maintenance.
  • You can not store the fuel on your job site (If you want to store it, you can use a liquid natural gas container which is a bit costly)
  • Since natural gas is flammable, there are chances of explosions.
  • In case of natural disasters, there could be an interruption of the fuel
  • Natural gas generators emit carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas.

Diesel Generators

Diesel generators are also a popular choice for many industries to provide power with no power utility grid or backup source. Ships or large-sized boats use diesel generators. There are also medium or large-scale businesses that use diesel generators.

Pros of diesel generators

  • Most industries are concerned about the price of fuel. When choosing a fuel that can save energy use and operating cost, diesel is the answer. It can be a bit more costly than natural gas, but one can get a larger volume of energy out of diesel fuel. 
  • Diesel is a stable power source for many industries like hospitals or other health facilities. Diesel engines are heavy-duty and reliable.
  • Unlike natural gas, diesel does not require spark plugs or wires. It saves money on repair or maintenance affairs.
  • Diesel generators sustain longer and require less maintenance.
  • Another plus point is that diesel generators are less flammable, so there are fewer chances of explosions.
  • You can also store diesel on your business site.

Cons of diesel generators

  • Diesel generators are louder and emit a pungent odour.
  • Diesel fuel requires a lot of upkeep since this fuel must be tested annually and consumed or replaced with clean fuel within the said timeline.
  • If you run out of diesel in an emergency, there could be a complete mess at your work site.

Final Words

It can be challenging for business operators to determine which type of generator will fulfill their business needs. As you can see, both generators have their significant advantages and disadvantages.

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