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Natural Gas/Propane Generator Vs. Diesel Generator- Which One is the Best for Your Requirements?

Generators are used for home and industrial purposes to ensure a constant power supply. This is the prime reason for having a generator. But, where it is crucial to have a powerful generator for power backup during a power outage, it is also essential to get the right generator to avoid discontinuing business operations and daily home activities. 

Suppose you are planning to purchase a generator with the most suitable fuel source. In that case, it is necessary to compare the most popular generators available on the market and choose the best option. It may be a little confusing when there are several available options. Continue reading to get a better understanding of different types of generators. 

Natural Gas/ Propane Generator

Natural gas/Propane generators are popularly used for generating power using natural gas or propane. It is considered an efficient means of power supply that is used to power emergency generators as well as portable generators. Natural gas is a much more cost-effective option than most other fuel sources. Even though it is a non-renewable fuel, it is not a high pollutant, unlike coal. So, when looking for an eco-friendly and effective electricity generator, a Natural gas/propane generator can be the ideal solution.

Some Benefits of Using Natural Gas/Propane Generators:

  • Natural gas or propane ensure clean power without any strong smells that other fuels can have.
  • It requires minimal costs on fuel, so these generators are most suitable for various applications.
  • Natural gas or propane generators ensure a vast availability of sizes – Range from 10kW to 500kW
  • It is a perfect choice for homes, apartments and other residential areas, process plants, factories and other commercial establishments.
  • When considering natural gas/propane generators, you can obtain unlimited fuel during extended emergency outages.

Unlike natural gas or propane generators, diesel generators run by using diesel. This type of generator comes in two essential parts: a diesel engine and an electrical generator. This generator is used in many significant places where the power can be obtained from a power grid and requires a highly effective and reliable power backup for continuity of operations. So, many large apartments and factories use diesel generators to ensure an uninterrupted power supply without worrying about power outages.

Some Benefits of Using Diesel Generators:

  • This type of generator can be less expensive in most cases. However, the price can vary with the size and capacity.
  • Diesel generators come in a wide variety of sizes
  • This type of generator can be installed anywhere as they are suitable for various purposes.
  • It is also ideal for places where Safety codes (hospitals) are required.

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