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Natural Gas/Propane Generator: Definition, Uses and Benefits

For many years, diesel generators have held a disproportionately large percentage of the generator business. While diesel generators will continue to be a backup or even a major source of electricity for millions of people, another form of generator is catching the attention of more and more operators today.

Natural gas generators are a cost-effective and efficient alternative to diesel and gas generators. These devices, whether portable or fixed, standby or prime, may provide the power needed to accomplish everything from keeping the TV on in your movie room to keeping factories operating and saving lives in hospitals when called upon.

Natural GasPropane Generator

Natural Gas and Propane- A quick look

Propane or natural gas is used to power many furnaces and other appliances. Natural gas is a mixture of gasses that can be found underground, including butane, propane, and methane. It can be a liquid, a compressed or uncompressed gas or a mixture of the two.

Propane, also known as liquefied petroleum gas or LPG, is a liquid that is stored after being separated from natural gas at a processing facility.

A natural gas generator is a type of generator that runs on natural gas rather than the more common gasoline or diesel fuel. Because propane is a more efficient-burning fuel, propane generators can produce more power than natural gas generators. Propane also burns "cleaner," so it is more environmentally friendly than natural gas.

Where are Natural/Propane Gas Generators Mostly Used?

Hospitals, nursing homes, and other big facilities requiring constant power sources frequently use natural gas/propane generators rather than gasoline generators. Gasoline has a finite shelf life and can be challenging to come by when you need it in an emergency. And, because diesel generators are known for polluting the air, businesses that want to be more sustainable require another option. That is why a natural/Propane gas generator is the best option.

Pros of Using Propane Generator

Propane generators are readily available- A fuel-powered generator is useless if it runs out of gas. Propane is readily available and inexpensive. Propane generators are convenient and dependable because they only require an onsite storage tank and delivery access to a road. You can have a tank monitor installed for added convenience, so you and your supplier will know when you need to refill.

Propane has an infinite shelf life- A generator is a great safety net. There's no need to winterize your propane-powered generator for cold weather because propane has no expiration date and doesn't require additional stabilizers for long-term storage. You may rest assured that your generator will be operational when you need it.

Propane offers clean-burning- Propane is a fuel that burns cleanly. Propane generators require less maintenance, resulting in greater reliability and longer life. But keep in mind that all propane or fuel-burning generators must be kept outside of buildings, garages, or other facilities to allow carbon monoxide to escape.

Pros of Using Natural Gas-filled Generator

Convenience- Natural gas generators have several benefits over other types of generators. The most obvious advantage is that it is more convenient. Unlike other generator fuels, which must be purchased, stored, and connected regularly, natural gas is automatically supplied to the generator via gas lines. Natural gas generators are also safer than other gas-powered generators because they do not need to be stored, which would pose a fire risk.

Cleaner fuel- Natural gas generators are easier to use and run more quietly and smoothly than other types of generators. Natural gas is also a cleaner fuel than gasoline or diesel, making it better for the environment. If you live in an area with stringent environmental or noise regulations, a natural gas generator may assist you in meeting these requirements and avoiding penalties.

Less Expensive- Finally, natural gas generators are less costly to operate than other generator kinds. In fact, natural gas costs approximately a tenth of what diesel does.

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