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Leading Air Compressor Manufacturer: Easy Access to Rotary Screw Compressors for Sale

Air compressors are an essential component in most manufacturing and service industries. Therefore, different types of air compressors have been introduced into the market to meet specific industrial needs and maintain efficiency in production by supplying compressed air. Compressed air has a multitude of uses today. It has a significant role in operations associated with the manufacturing industry as well as non-manufacturing sectors, including the transportation, construction, mining, agriculture, recreation and service industries.

If you are planning to get a reliable, sustainable, and high-performing air compressor to care for your industrial needs, rotary screw air compressors are a perfect choice. Rotary screw air compressors have various features and many advantages.

Optimum Consistency

Most industries prefer rotary screw air compressors for being highly efficient and convenient. They are widely used for the refrigeration and natural gas industry as these compressors can perform consistently without intervals. Screw air compressors are also ideal for extreme weather conditions where most other compressors fail to perform well. When you have a rotary screw air compressor, you will not need to be concerned about high or low temperatures.

Rotary Screw Air Compressor

Easy of Operation and Maintenance

Screw air compressors differ from most other air compressors in terms of features, performance, and durability. The primary reason for considering this type of air compressor is the ease of operations and maintenance. These compressors are easy to handle and need less time and effort for care as they generally have fewer parts and come designed to run efficiently and last in the long run without any sign of capacity reduction.                                  

Leading Supplier of Rotary Screw Air Compressors

MasterAire is a division of 2522585 Ontario Inc. that gives businesses access to various industrial air compressors at competitive prices. We are a manufacturer and supplier of innovative products, including air compressors, air dryers, generators, etc., to satisfy customers' demands—our rotary air compressors are backed by a 10-year warranty with free parts and service guidance.

They feature a full-colour LED touch screen controller with a variable frequency drive, a soft start (preprogrammed plug & play system) and a permanent magnet heavy-duty induction motor. They are engineered to result in low maintenance and high efficiency while eliminating any power transmission losses due to belts and pulleys.

Top Reasons for Choosing Masteraire:

  • A long line of innovative futuristic products 
  • Space-saving designs & Turnkey systems
  • Air on-demand technology resulting in high energy efficiency 
  • Direct drive systems for the elimination of transmission power losses
  • Electrical control systems
  • Intelligent computer system with hundreds of inbuilt safety features
  • Extremely silent function with low vibration 
  • 100% duty cycle can run 24/7 in extreme duty conditions

Masteraire believes in a client-focused approach. So, our suppliers provide support to each customer. With our extensive distribution network across Canada, we can easily reach out to you and provide the best solution you need. Visit us today to look at our product catalogues and deals. Call our support team for further guidance.