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Do You Think That You Are Reducing the Service Life of Your Air Compressors? Know the 3 Reasons

The use of air compressors is not limited to a specific industry. These pneumatic devices have been used for various reasons in different environments- from gas stations to the construction site where compressed air is used. As air compressors have several purposes of fulfilling, it can be said that it is a significant part of the said facilities. The sole purpose of air compressors is to convert power into potential energy that is stored in the pressurized air so that the users can get compressed air for their needs. 

Now, if you are using an air compressor, stationary or portable, you need to be sure that it is performing well and that there is no potential problem that can affect the service life of your air compressor. If you want to enhance your knowledge in this area and want to know whether or not you are reducing the service life of your air compressor, have a look at the points given below. Here we have discussed the reasons that can affect the service life of an air compressor and its performance.

Less Monitoring means More Problems

Air compressors are one of the crucial components among all necessary utilities required for industrial applications. The compressor system needs to run continuously to keep compressed air available and supply it on demand. If the device is not being monitored, it can quickly overheat and lead to a sudden shutdown. 

That’s why when you want to ensure the consistency of an industrial air compressor, you need to make sure that oil sampling is done, calibrations and adjustments are on the mark, lubricant analysis is completed, and other major and minor components including filters, air dryers, condensate waste systems, drains, piping, and controls are thoroughly checked.

Overheating Can be the Source of Major Issues

Reports say that the ideal operating temperature of an air compressor is between 50-85 degrees Fahrenheit where the device can work without any risks. But, when the operating temperature is over this range, the mechanical components can be at risk of overheating and cause several issues. In such conditions, the vital internal components can wear out sooner, and the electric motor can encounter a premature failure meaning higher operating costs. When you are handling a compressor and want it to last in the long run, you have to avoid increased operating temperatures. And finally, it will lead to the accumulation of more condensate within the system that will cause piping corrosions, severe damage to your pneumatic controls, rusting of production equipment, and more. 

To avoid overheating, it is essential to check if the drains are working and the water is removed and leads to the production side through the piping system. If the temperature is controlled, the service life of the compressor will eventually increase, and the performance of the device will also be maintained.

Air Leaks Are the First Stage of Air Compressor Failure

Air leaks are the biggest reason for air compressor failure. If the internal parts wear down with time, air leaks can quickly form and lead the device to terrible problems. In the beginning, the leaks in the pipes or hoses may not be noticeable, and they will cause minimum loss of air. But, if the problems stay unattended, they will gradually become a more significant issue. Air leaks make an air compressor less efficient and reduce its service life. These problems will be costlier than you think and will result in decreased volumes of compressed air.

If you want to protect your device from air leaks, you need to maintain all the essential parts where the leaks can form. Also, you can choose the top-quality air compressors that require minimum maintenance and offer excellent service throughout their life.

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