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Discover the Tangible Advantages of Portable Diesel-Powered Generators- A Solution for Consistent Power Supply

We are living in the 21st century where electricity plays an indispensable role. Whether it is our day-to-day necessities or industrial processes, the need for a consistent power supply is crucial and inevitable. However, we can’t deny the frequent cases of power outages or similar crises that raise the demand for a backup generator, ensuring a steady flow of electricity to keep a business active without worrying about the inconsistent power supply. And, when it comes to choosing a generator for industrial needs, a portable diesel-powered generator beats many in terms of popularity and performance.

Are Portable Diesel-Powered Generators a Good Choice for Industrial Applications?- Learn the Advantages

When you are simply looking for a generator for your basic needs, any type of generator may work. But, if you are looking for a high-performing power generation system, a portable diesel-powered generator is a great choice. This type of generator comes with several advantages that keep it ahead of its gasoline-powered rivals. Here are just a few reasons to consider a diesel generator in Canada:

1) More Power- Compact Engine Size

Diesel engine-powered generators are designed to generate a significant level of power than a natural gas engine of the same size.  So, it can be considered for industrial purposes. Diesel comes with a higher energy value than natural gas so it can provide more power even with a smaller engine compared to natural gas. So, when prioritizing size, a diesel generator will be the smart choice.

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2) Less Maintenance is Needed

When it comes to diesel-powered generators, maintenance is one of the factors that make them popular among various industries. With its distinctly structured motors that are different from other types of generators, diesel motors can run efficiently for longer with occasional maintenance. The best part is that diesel models don’t come with spark plugs or carburetors but features a simple design that makes the engine more efficient. Because of its design, the generator only needs preventive maintenance and refuelling to stay in form all the time.

3) Prolonged Runtime

Diesel-powered generators are engineered to supply substantial power for long periods. Thanks to the highly efficient engine design and favourable fuel economy, diesel generators can operate for significant periods compared to conventional gasoline engines while minimizing downtime in case of power outages. That is the reason, this particular power generation system is receiving more attention for its minimal maintenance needs and uninterrupted power supply, especially during power grid failures. 

4) Safer Option- Less Risks

As gasoline-powered generators demand frequent refuelling for constant operation. The Diesel Generator is a practical and convenient choice in different industries. Given the highly flammable nature of gasoline and continuous exposure to this fuel, the chances of risks arise. However, with a diesel engine, the chances of accidents can be extremely minimized. Diesel generators do not require frequent refueling and also the fuel is considerably less flammable than gasoline. So, it is possible to ensure a safer and more secure power generation solution for your industrial applications by switching to a  diesel generator.

5) Quieter Motors

Previously, the motor noise was a disadvantage for diesel engines. However, the recent diesel power generation systems available boast reduced noise levels that are far lower than the recent gasoline engines. While bringing greater efficiency to your industrial applications, it will also allow everyone to enjoy the privilege of quieter operation.


Having a generator as a backup power source is a given when you are running a business. And, now you know what makes a diesel engine-powered generator a better choice for your industrial applications. If you are looking for a trusted supplier of portable diesel generators in Canada, Masteraire is the name you can trust. 

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