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Compressed Air for Medical Use- 3 Ways of Using Air Compressor in Healthcare Facilities

In healthcare facilities, there is a high demand for compressed air. As hospitals, nursing homes and other healthcare centres require clean air that is free from contaminants such as oil, dust particulates, and water vapour, air compressors play a significant role in these facilities. Medical-grade compressed air is used for patients during anesthesia and inhaled medications during surgeries to help them breathe comfortably while ensuring their safety during invasive procedures.

A medical air compressor can supply compressed air for patient respiration consistently while patients are getting operated on or are in critical situations where they find it hard to breathe normally. Usually, the compressed air produced by medical-grade air compressors is dry so it also helps in the prevention of water buildup in the facility's pipeline.

Compressed air has a great contribution to the health improvement of patients. It is used to improve the function of handheld medical devices. A controlled compressed air filtration system helps in the prevention of the spread of airborne diseases as these problems can cause severe infection.

Compressed Air in the Healthcare Sector- Understanding the Significance

Importance of Compressed Air for Inhaled Anaesthetics

Compressed air is used as a carrier gas or carrying agent that helps in the transportation of inhaled medications and anesthetic agents. This is used before and during surgical operations and medical procedures. With compressed air, it is easier to control the administered dose and keep the patient breathing normally. Compressed air has lower oxygen content and the level of oxygen can be controlled. So, it is a safer anesthetic carrier gas than nitrous oxide when it comes to people with sensitivity to oxygen toxicity. 

Importance of Compressed Air for Breathing Assistance During Surgery

Today all healthcare facilities use medical air to keep patients breathing safely and comfortably in the operating room and other critical care areas. Doctors and health care professionals depend on compressed air to make sure that patients are breathing properly and that they are in good shape. With, compressed medical air, they can provide comfortable breathing air for patients who are under sedation or having trouble breathing on their own. It is also required for patients under treatment for different serious respiratory conditions. 

Importance of Compressed Air for Dental Treatments

Air compressors play an important role at the core of dental treatments and surgeries. They are used to operate drills, scalers and other handhelds used by dentists in tooth extraction, root canal process, teeth cleaning and other invasive procedures.

Besides providing the cleanest air for equipment, dental air compressors must also function without making much noise – this is necessary to enable dentists to focus on their work and for the patients to stay relaxed. Small air compressors with filter silencers can significantly reduce the noise a unit makes.

Importance of Compressed Air for Surgical Tools

Compressed air is a safe and contaminant-free power source for air-driven surgical tools commonly used in primary care medical facilities, operating rooms, dentist chairs, etc. The air supplied by a medical-grade air compressor provides power to pneumatic instruments used for puncturing, drilling, sawing, and many other surgical procedures where precise airflow and pressure are needed.

Compressed air can power an array of pneumatic medical equipment including oral surgical instruments, orthopedic instruments, surgical saws, drills and handheld medical tools. It is also used in operating tools and systems designed to clean and sterilize medical instruments used for various purposes. Laboratories also need compressed air to power instruments that are used for blood analysis, oxygen and nitrogen generation, and any other research activities.

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