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All you Need to Know About Rotary Screw Air Compressor Parts- A Complete Guide for You

Rotary screw air compressors have been used in many factories and industries for operational benefits. This type of air compressor is gaining more popularity and being vastly used in commercial and industrial applications, especially where large volumes of high-pressure air are required.

A rotary screw air compressor uses a rotary-type positive-displacement mechanism to compress air or gas. These heavy-duty air compressors are much more efficient than the traditional piston compressors and manage a massive amount of air compression. It can be said that rotary screw air compressors are an ideal solution for today’s industrial applications.

Rotary Screw Air Compressor- Things to Know

Unlike the traditional air compressors, a screw air compressor comes with a higher duty cycle. So, this machinery can continuously run to meet industrial and commercial needs. If you are looking for a high-performing compressor for start-ups, small factories or large manufacturing plants, a screw air compressor can be the most suitable option.

Rotary screw air compressors supply air smoothly and consistently for different industrial applications without disruptions or interruptions. This compressor holds the air between two meshed rotors and minimizes the volume of that air while the air is moving down through the rotors. The compressed air produced by the compressors can then be used to power air tools, inflate tires and many other applications. The benefits of rotary screw air compressors include:

  • Continuous airflow/100% duty cycle
  • Larger quantities of air
  • Higher CFM per HP
  • Longer lifespan
  • Better warranties
  • Quieter
  • Energy efficient

Things to Know About Rotary Screw Air Compressor Parts:

Many significant parts are included in a rotary screw air compressor to ensure the ultimate performance of this machinery and the highest outcome. Here are the standard but crucial rotary screw air compressor parts with details-


It won't be wrong to say that a screw air compressor is useless without the "air-end". It is one of the prime components of an air compressor as the air is compressed in this specific part. While the screw air compressor is operated, the atmospheric air enters the air-end through an inlet valve and gets mixed with oil while being compressed. When the process is complete, the oil is separated from the compressed air before coming out of the system.


It is necessary to filter the air entering the air compressor as poor-quality air or moisture can significantly impact your system and its longevity. Therefore, the air filter plays an essential role in the consistent performance of a screw air compressor. This high-efficient component is typically used for supplying clean air for being processed. The air filter is generally mounted directly to the compressor or remotely connected to the air intake hose.


The key role of a primary separator tank is to separate the compressed air and compressor oil. After leaving the air-end, the compressed air gets mixed with compressor oil. Afterwards, the mixture enters a primary separator tank, where the oil is separated from the air using mechanical separation and centrifugal force. The process is done by pulling oil molecules together, which form droplets that fall to the tank's bottom and get separated from the air.


Even though the most significant percentage of oil is removed in the primary separation tank, there is still a little amount of oil remaining in the compressed air. So, the nearly oil-free air is driven into the secondary separation filter, a coalescing filter. The membrane material of this filter collects the oil particles so that they can be circulated back into the primary oiling system to make the compressed air 100% oil-free.


A rotary screw air compressor system consists of an oil filter to collect and separate any loose particles contained in the oil that must not enter the air compressor system. The oil filter can be on the compressor, the separator tank, or mounted remotely on a filter manifold.

know About Rotary Screw Air Compressor


Oil coolers are a must-have component for an air compressor. During the process of compressing air, the system produces heat to heat the oil. But, it is necessary to ensure that the oil passes through a cooler before it is circulated back to the air compressor. The oil cooler must have sufficient cooling capacity to cool the compressor oil and keep the oil within the proper temperature range.


Hoses are also considered an integral part of a rotary screw air compressor as it helps to Move oil and air between various air compressor components. However, this component must satisfy the compressor oil's heat, pressure, and chemical components to avoid premature failure and expensive repairs.


Industrial air compressors have mechanical or electrical controls, which come from a button, switch, or lever. These controls are used to turn the air compressor off and on. The location and type of components used in the controls can vary based on the environment where the compressor is working.

Access to High-performing Rotary Screw Air Compressor

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A complete rotary screw air compressor by Masteraire includes:

  • Full-colour High end LED touch screen controller with variable frequency drive featuring soft start (preprogrammed plug & play system)
  • One Refrigerated air dryer (High temp rated with automatic electronic moisture drain valve)
  • One 80-gallon air tank with three C+T+A grade precision filters
  • Three automatic moisture drain valves 

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