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Air Compressors Maintenance Tips To Save Energy

Plants and factories rely on compressed air to operate smoothly. In addition to providing convenience and efficiency, compromised air compressors can lead to forced shutdowns, low productivity, and significant expenses. 

Power consumption accounts for 70% of an air compressor's lifetime cost, which increases your overall utility bill. Compressed air systems have become an indispensable part of factory setups, especially in sensitive industries such as healthcare, because of their capacity and effectiveness. 

Compressed air systems can be evaluated and audited to reduce their energy consumption.

In addition to enhancing safety, you can reduce production costs with air compressor maintenance.

Here are 5 energy-saving tips:No matter what industry or application you work in, a well-maintained air compressor can reduce energy consumption significantly. Here are some tips to help you.

#1: Schedule the operation of air compressors

Decide when the compressor can be shut down during idle periods.

#2: Identify and fix existing leaks in the system

Small leaks, however, will need to be detected with ultrasonic leak detection technology to be seen.

#3: Reduce spray pressure if possible

By reducing spray pressure by 0.1 MPa, the air compressor will consume approximately 4 - 5% less electrical energy (depending on the type and age of the compressor). As a result of this pressure drop, unrepaired leaks can also lead to less compressed air being lost.   

#4: Keep filters up-to-date

By replacing air filters, you will maintain the quality of air, as well as save energy. You may lose a lot of money if you delay changing your air filter. In addition to causing pressure drops, clogged filters can also hinder efficiency. Make sure your compressed air system is serviced on time.

#5: Clean Up

You should also thoroughly dust your compressed air system every few months and keep the air clean. A compressed air system's efficiency can be adversely affected by sludge, dust, or grime. Keep an eye on compressor coolers and heat exchangers. You can save energy by investing in a dedicated low-pressure air compressor and an airline for cleaning.

Bonus: Pick the Right Dryer

A compressor's compressed air system needs the right air dryer size. The dryer's energy consumption should be proportional to the demand. Your electricity bill can be significantly increased if you have an oversized dryer.

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