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A Deep Dive into the Fundamentals of a High-Pressure Air Compressor

High-Pressure air compressors consume ambient air to deliver air pressure as high as 6000 PSI (Pounds Per Square Inch). They have been used in various commercial, industrial, and recreational sectors like SCUBA, aerospace, automotive, paintball markets, etc. 

The following write-up aims to provide substantial information regarding the HP air compressor – its working principle, pressure levels, applications, etc. Continue reading for a clear concept.

How Does a High-Pressure Air Compressor Work

Air compressors generally operate by forcing air into a container and pressuring it. After that, the air is passed through an opening in the tank. That’s where the pressure builds up. Imagine an open balloon to understand the working principle of air compressors. Compressed air can be used as an energy source when released. 

High pressure is technically anything compressed to over 150 PSI. HP compressors typically come with a storage cylinder that regulates the absolute air pressure, which is suited for specific applications. Therefore, you must ask your supplier about the purpose of your air compressor and the required air pressure. It will help you choose the right HP air compressor.

Pressure Level in HP Air Compressors

Most high-pressure air compressor models typically range from 2000 pounds per square inch to 6000 pounds per square inch. But as you already know, expert advice is necessary when deciding on the pressure for your specific application or requirement. 

High Pressure Air Compressors

Applications of High-Pressure Air Compressors

The uses of HP air compressors are immense. A few of its typical applications are listed below:

  • Valve testing
  • Leak testing in pneumatic and hydraulic systems
  • Proof and leak testing in refrigeration heat exchangers
  • Reducing the cost of replacement for high-pressure nitrogen
  • Blow moulding
  • Air blast circuit breakers, etc. 
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