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A Complete Guide to Dual Tower Regenerating Adsorption Desiccant Air Dryer

An air dryer plays an unparalleled role in the production of compressed air for industrial applications. It is not possible to directly obtain moisture-free air from the environment. The percentage of water vapour can vary with place and time due to the humidity capacity of the air. But, the percentage can never be zero. So, industries need to produce compressed air that is moisture-free by using an air dryer. Today almost every major industry knows the role of compressed air and uses it for various applications. Many of them are not well-versed in the significance and application of air dryers.

In this blog, we are going to explore some facts about dual tower regenerating adsorption desiccant air dryers. 

Introducing Dual Tower Regenerating Adsorption Desiccant Air Dryer

A desiccant dryer is a type of equipment that uses desiccant materials to eliminate water or moisture from the air that passes through it. It is also called an adsorption dryer. A standard desiccant dryer system has two towers, which are used for a continuous air-drying cycle without any problems.

These air dryers can switch between absorptive and regenerative modes constantly to let you avoid frequent wear and breakdown of moisture-sensitive vital components used in industrial applications. Sensors in dual-tower desiccant air dryers can detect the level of water saturation in every tower and the system can switch phases automatically when necessary.

Dual Tower Regenerating Adsorption Desiccant Air Dryer- How Does It Work?

Dual tower regenerating adsorption desiccant air dryers come with two towers filled with hygroscopic materials equally. When it is time for routine operation, one tower is used to eliminate moisture from compressed air that is channelled through it while the other tower goes through a reverse process where moisture from the air is removed to regenerate the desiccant material for constant operation.

When the desiccant in the absorptive tower is completely saturated during the process and the material in the second tower is thoroughly dried, a control unit of the dryer is used to reverse the functions automatically. When the phase changes, the fully saturated desiccant tower gets into a regenerative mode and the regenerated material in the second tower eliminates the moisture in the supply air feed.

Dual Desiccant Air Dryer

Top Provider of Dual Tower Desiccant Air Dryer 280 CFM

If you are looking for a high-performing air dryer for your industrial needs, a 280 CFM dual tower regenerating adsorption desiccant air dryer is a suitable option. To get access to top-notch dual tower regenerating adsorption desiccant air dryers for your air compressor, contact Masteraire, a leading distributor of air compressors, air dryers and generators for various industrial needs. We offer a wide range of desiccant air dryers that are designed for heavy-duty industrial air compressors and can work effectively even in critical environments.

About Dual Tower Regenerating Adsorption Desiccant Air Dryers by Masteraire

Two identical towers with desiccant beads remove moisture from the air while the air passes through the tower to ensure the supply of only the best quality air. Just like a desiccant air dryer, one of the towers conducts this process consistently whereas the other tower is regenerating automatically. The tower regenerating is known as the off-stream tower as air is not passing through this tower. These two towers take their turns in the off-stream cycle to supply moisture-free compressed air for use. As the off-stream tower dries the moisture-filled desiccant beads while the other one constantly takes moisture out of the airflow, this air dryer can ensure a 100% duty cycle and a constant supply of moisture-free air. This air dryer is suitable for a 50 HP rotary screw air compressor.

Other things to know-

  • Dimensions: 46 x 24 x 83 inches 
  • Weight: 500 kilograms 
  • Max pressure: 145 PSI

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